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Tyra Banks Shares First Photo of Baby Boy York: “This Is the Happiest Valentine’s Day of My Life”

You look beautiful, Tyra Banks! On Sunday, the 42-year-old posted on her Instagram page the first photo of her together with her first child and “miracle baby,” York Banks Asla. The America’s Next Top Model host and supermodel is glowing as she holds the boy close to her chest while he snuggles in a blanket. “This is the Happiest Valentine’s Day…

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The first boy diagnosed as autistic is living a good life at 82 years old and has travelled all over the US and to Europe.

Donald Grey Triplett was the first person to be diagnosed with autism. The fulfilling life he has led offers an important lesson for today, John Donvan and Caren Zucker write. The scholarly paper which first put autism on the map as a recognisable diagnosis listed Donald as “Case 1” among 11 children who – studied…

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