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Psychiatric Nurse at Mt Carmel: The Deterioration Of Mt Carmel Hospital Is Fuelling The Mental Health Stigma

Earlier today at least 50 patients from Mt Carmel Hospital were transferred to a retirement home following the situation which developed at the hospital, where some wards had to be closed due to dangerous ceilings. This was done in agreement with MUMN and has temporarily solved one of the crises the hospital is facing, though…

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Are you pregnant or have recently given birth? Check out all the benefits that apply to you in Malta – by Franica Pulis

If you are expecting or have recently had a baby, there are a number of benefits that you are entitled to, which include: Maternity/ Adoption Benefit Maternity Leave Benefit Children’s Allowance In-Work Benefit Milk Grant Inform ARMS Ltd. about the increase in the number of people residing in your house. This is not exactly a…

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Teacher’s Strike Still Happening on Wednesday 8th November – One Of The MUT’s Concerns Is The Shortage Of Teachers

Meetings between the government and the MUT have not yielded any significant changes, union head Marco Bonnici told The Times Of Malta this week so the strike on Wednesday 8th November is to go ahead as planned. All MUT members in all church and state schools have been ordered to strike all day on November…

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