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Disturbing children’s YouTube videos garner millions of views despite inappropriate content

Superkids TV is a channel on the popular video-sharing service with a number of animated videos depicting well-known cartoon characters, like Elsa and Spiderman. The channel claims to contain ‘education videos & songs for super kids’ however the content is far from educational and actually contains violent and even subtle sexual behaviour. As one parent wrote: “You…

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A mermaid in the Mediterranean. The artiste behind ‘The Sirena collection’ by Sam Selby

Sam Selby is an incredibly talented artiste who has managed to create not one, but two jewellery lines by the tender age of 32, ‘BoboStar’ and ‘The Sirena Collection’. She is also mum to a gorgeous two-year-old boy and has a vast branding, marketing and design background. Photo credits: Sam Selby, photographed by Matthew B Spiteri at The Music…

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